Teacher: Ms. Moyer
Team Members: David, Eito, Natalie, and Daniella

Website: Newton Copernicus

Sir Isaac Newton was the person who help scientists understand the laws of gravitational force. Sir Isaac Newton was also the person who published the three laws of motion.

  1. Newton's first law of motion states that in order for the motion of an object to change, a force must act upon it, a concept generally called inertia.
  2. Newton's Second Law of Motion defines the relationship between acceleration, force, and mass.
  3. Newton's Third Law of Motion states that any time a force acts from one object to another, there is an equal force acting back on the original object.

Archimedes, Copernicus, and Galileo all contributed to this great discovery. Copernicus was interested in astronomy. He had theories about the sun, the earth's rotation, and the tilt of the earth's rotational axis. Galileo tested out the principles of gravity at the leaning tower of Pisa. He dropped two balls, a little ball and a big ball, of the tower and observed how they fell at the same rate and landed at the same time.(Shown in the diagram below)


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